Saturday, May 14, 2011

where the heck did that week go?

Ah righto so it's Saturday did that happen?
This week has been a bit of a did I not blog? I think I went to once actually yes I did last night and blogger was unavailable? did anyone else have that trouble?
This week I...
Had a dark day
Worked...a fair bit
Led chapel
had a delicious dinner date with some lovely friends and their husbands...and mine too!
spoke with an old friend on her birthday
spoke with my sister in law
had dinner with my family...twice
listened/watched some very interesting shows about birth order and being gay at school (check out insight if you want to know more!)
had some interesting, funny, challenging, full on, excellent conversations with some of the young people I work with
had a Friday night off! now that was pretty freakin ace!
discovered one...actually maybe my last easter bunny had been eaten by the easter bunny eating fairy...
went to class
watched a couple of cool movies...this one and this one
and that's the stuff I can remember!
hopefully next week is a little less hectic...I doubt it
happy Saturday friends!


  1. I swear life never used to go this fast...the world is spinning faster! I hope you get to enjoy your week a lot more next week and actually have time to stop and smell the roses xx

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    Love Ava


  3. Hi! Just found your blog - lovely to 'meet' you! Saturdays are coming around fast these days - I love them though. I get to hang out with my family! xo Rach

  4. Hullo, sounds like you had a wonderful week. Happy weekending to you also. May next week bring you a few extra hours.


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