Saturday, May 28, 2011

At 32

Kara is one of my oldest friends, oldest as in we have known each other since we were...8 and we are (almost) 26, and 27. She's expecting her and her husbands first baby due in mid July. So today we had a final hurrah for her...pretty much a baby shower, and men folk were invited too.
 We played a couple of games, celebrity heads was one...
...Alys and Nathan

 and we had to think of boys names for all the letters of the alphabet...there were some interesting ones! And there was a sweep to see when the baby would arrive (date and time), length and weight!
 There was also a lot of really delicious food made by Kara!
Kara has asked me to be her back up birth case Nathan faints or something. Which is a little nerve racking but a huge honour. It's an exciting time, and it was wonderful to have an afternoon of fun to celebrate with Nathan and Kara. They requested we didn't by gifts, but that we gift in another way, like offering to make a meal, or coming to wash the towels, clean the toilet whatever, to help out while they settle in to parenthood. So we're probably going to make them some lasagne! :)


  1. How beautiful that you get to share such a special time with one of your oldest friends! And what an honour to be picked as the birth partner 'understudy'! I seriously hope I'm lucky enough to stay that close to the friends I love now xxx

  2. I love that you had a baby shower and men were invited too! Why not!! Great idea! Looks like you had an absolutely fab time. :)


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