Saturday, April 02, 2011

more gratefuls

There are so many things to be grateful for this week! In chapel at school on Tuesday a teacher shared some thoughts about the attitude of gratitude! It was wonderful and I couldn't have agreed more with her!This week I am grateful for these beautiful little bubbas! Our nieces Ava and Sophie! They have been growing big and strong.
 Little Ava was a little trooper this week when she had lip surgery. I'm so grateful for skilled surgeons that can work on little babies! What skill! She's healing well. I'm grateful for videos of these little ones...I could watch them for hours. I can't believe how much love in my heart I have for them and their big sister! I'm grateful to be an Aunty!
For this handsome man and his antics!
 For school camps (and the seriously amazing students who were on the camp!) and curious ducks...and for coming home too.
Time with my Dad at footy games (oh yeah and our team winning!)
For more gratefuls head over to Maxabella's a lovely place to be on Saturdays...and other days too! :)


  1. What a great way for a father and daughter to get together. You both look so content. Excellent company!

    Isn't it amazing what they can do with the bubbas these days? I am glad that Ava has come through her surgery so well. She looks very peaceful in this shot.

    Thanks for your kind words, Lauren. x

  2. Oh gorgeous babies, i'm very drawn to twins, they changed my life!! I felt so lucky to be an auntie of 12 by the time i started having babies, such a fantastic honour isn't it?? Extra kisses for sweet little Ava, love Posie


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