Sunday, October 24, 2010

to market to market....home again home again

I had some much fun yesterday! Mumma came and picked me up a bit before 9 and we headed over to Marion Church of Christ where the market was being held.

highlights of the day
hanging out with Mumma
meeting some lovely ladies who are very clever and very nice, and then chatting with them through out the day like we were old friends!
we actually sold some stuff! and a bit of everything too, books, cushions, clothes, magnets, and badges!
Jek and Sarah stopping by
Seeing people I knew and them being really encouraging about what we were doing!
been given some flowers at the end of the day
thinking forward to the next market in april

things learnt/not so highlights
take a hat...I got a bit sunburnt 
take a few extra dollars to buy nice things...this can be good AND dangerous!
take a packed lunch, we seemed to miss the sausage sizzle
it was good to have a buddy at the stall so you could go to the toilet, get a drink, check the place out!
If I do it again, think about layout of the stall a bit more...perhaps iron the table clothe
the wind (if you look at the post below you can see the bunting and cloth flying in the breeze!)
I was completely spend at the end of the day but then had a fantastic night celebrating with friends who have just found out where they are moving to next year! and delicious curry...and trying vindaloo for the first was rather hot!
But the best thing of the whole day was the relaxed atmosphere. People were lovely and I didn't feel really intimidated by the other stall holders! I enjoyed myself so much I think I will give it another crack in april! all in all a very worth while day.


  1. Hi Lauren - thank you for your lovely comment! My daughter and I both agree that your profile pic is beautiful! Sounds like you had a great day at the markets :)

  2. Oh that is so fantastic. I am so pleased it went so well for you. Yay!


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