Saturday, October 09, 2010

I've decided....

that I am not very industrious when it comes to cleaning...I tend to be able to put up with the mess for quite some time. I seem to be able to avoid the dishes for a number of days (Tim can do it for even longer), so it always seems to work out that I snap first and do them...the good thing is he does help dry! We leave lots of things on our kitchen table which is quite large for the area it is in, our kitchen is very small so the mess gets overwhelming quickly and the floor is feral. We don't put things away when we come home we dump them. It's annoying!! I wish I would just put my jacket, or scarf, or shoes, or whatever away where is goes straight away!! I wish I could get motivated to wash the dishes straight away and wipe the stove down if the food spits and splatters everywhere as soon as it happens not a week later when everything is caked on and you really need to get your elbow into it. It's OK until I can't put up with it any more...then I get agitated and grumpy! I think I'm also frustrated in the space we live in, continuing to make it our home and make it a nice haven for us to enjoy, while utilizing the things we already own, and using the small space well. I think what I'm trying to say is that I like it tidy, not to tidy but need a dose of can be bothered!

I think what sparked this was visiting a friends home for the first time and loved it!! It's a very small place but it's eclectic, and I really like it, it's cosy, and I know things annoy my friend about their space, like they don't have enough storage, and they just got married so there are a lot of gifts without a home!But it was nice to see how they have put things together and made it their home...anyway I digress

This morning I was VERY glad when Tim suggested a drive! I needed to get out of our squaller! We went to a lovely market today at Willunga which is a bit of a hike from our place but still lovely to go for a Saturday drive. There was a farmers market and quarry markets! some very yummy food and in one of the little halls there were some more arty stalls...and I found these!
in a seconds basket! 3 for $1! how cool is the smiley face one! when I showed the lady who owned the stall she thought it was great!
And I was cheeky and went back to the bazaar! taking one new friend and one friend who had already been with me last night! I got these cute coin purses for my sisters who's birthdays are coming up!
It's been a wonderful day! I hope you've had a wonderful Saturday wherever you find yourself today!
ps...if you have got this far thanks for listening to my rant!


  1. I hope the twins don't read the blog!

    LOVE the smiley face!! And I'm with you... I just can't be bothered with tidying! Mainly in the bedroom though - my clothes are everywhere except where they should be - in the drawers!

  2. Love the cute purses - you have lucky sisters!

    As for tidying well it is an art and a habit that needs working on. You are right in if you can only do things straight away they won't build up and hey presto you will have tidy. ...All sounds good in theory doesn't it?! Putting it into practice is another thing altogether!

  3. I look forward to meeting you in Crouch End Lauren, what good timing x

  4. My husband is tidy so he keeps me in check as much as he can.
    Lovely purses and buttons.

  5. Ugh, I'm messy too. And my kids are. It has started to drive me insane. Today for some reason I cleaned half the windows in the house. They hadn't been done for years and wow!! What a difference. I really want to be neat and house proud but I'm convinced its genetic and I missed out.
    Have a happy Sunday.

  6. I agree, it's hard work when you're not naturally that way inclined! I found deciding what was the bare minimum and doing that every night + just a little something extra = finally getting things straight and clean. It takes a while to show results but it does happen. Except for the study desk, eeek, which has been my big job today. Love the purses!

  7. Hallo dear sister,

    Adele put me onto this website,
    which is basically a way to manage all the domestic duties in the house hold. Pretty much its about taking control of the constant build up of mess in our homes. The idea of it works well for me as I have a big house and not much 'spare time' or energy to waste on cleaning (i only get pockets of the day to get things done) If you follow her rule about not going to bed without getting the dishes done and tidying up the loose items like a jacket, or shoes or magazines piled around and letters and just that "stuff" that makes it feel messy, you feel great in the morning. Mind you you can't force that rule onto Tim, it will just have to be a decision you make to try to get your bit done. I am trying to follow it more precisely but your place isn't too big and you could give that a go if you want to notice some change. It has helped me feel better in the morning seeing a clean lounge and kitchen :)

    Love Anna xx

  8. i am a dumper as well, i know exactly how you feel. i want to improve but then i get home from work and i'm tired and *dump*. mess everywhere!


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