Sunday, October 17, 2010

4 things to be thankful for!

So firstly a correction....when I came home from the camp I was telling Tim of my clever way to blog yesterday and I pretty much regurgitated what I had written to Tim and he goes...but your Gen Y too! :) 

Anyway! There is so many things to be thankful for today!

Today I am thankful for friends and the good stuff that happens to them! Today one of my best friends is re united with her husband. Chris is an engineer in the army and has been in Afghanistan for this entire year....he left mid January (?) and today was the day he flew back into Brisbane! He is back safely with Sarah. This year we have heard of a number of Australian's loosing their lives over in Afghanistan, some of these guys from Chris's section. We are so happy he was kept safe! And so thankful he is home again.

Today I am thankful for a text message I received from a young guy who was on the school retreat I was on this weekend. He took a tumble last night and his ankle came off second best, we took him to the hospital last night but couldn't get it X rayed. The message I received was to say there's no broken bones! Just bad sprain and crutches for two weeks!

Today my sister in law is 26 weeks pregnant with twins! It is so exciting. Anna and Luke are already parents to our beautiful niece Isabelle and we are so excited to meet the twinnies! They are due in late January and we hope to meet them as soon as possible when they arrive!

I am thankful for opportunities...hopefully more about that later in the week.

...whoops 5 things then...And I am thankful for Tim for cooking us a delicious roast for dinner! He is a very talented cook and I really appreciate the time he put into making us a wonderful meal! And also for fixing my computer so the internet works again

When you stop and think, there is so much to be thankful for! What are you thankful for today?
Hope you have had and are having a wonderful weekend!


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