Thursday, October 21, 2010

my creative space

 oh wow so I totally bit off more than I could chew this week! A lovely lady I met through work...who has moved on now to other things is helping to organise the MarionLIFE well being market this weekend! a while ago I saw Jo advertising it...and I almost contacted her then about doing a stall...but I chickened out. But then on Sunday when I came home from the school retreat there was an email on facebook saying that they had had a cancellation and there was a free stall up for grabs...I thought about it over night and thought heck let's do it if I fall flat on my arse my mum will be there to help me (she's coming along to help me set up and keep me company!) 
So Jek helped me sew more of these little brooches and I've been punching out badges and magnets like there's no tomorrow!
So if you are in the Adelaide region come check it out and say hi on Saturday!! Part proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity
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  1. Hope it all goes well for you and I admire you leaping in the last minute!

    I also hope the insomnia goes away. I suffer sometimes and it drives me nuts so I sympathise.

  2. Good luck!
    The brooches and badges look fantastic.


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