Monday, October 18, 2010

spotlight on enJOY it

A while ago I stumbled across this lovely ladies blog...I think I found it through...this cute blog!?But I can't remember how I came across that blog! you know how it is you start reading someone's post and they they link to another great blog and soon you find yourself checking that blog regularly because it's just so nice to read!Well that's what I found with Elise's blog.
Elise got married earlier this year and did a lot of the trimmings herself 

her husband Paul and her moved and have been setting up house, she has a good eye for things!  
and she has a lovely etsy shop filled with lovely paper goodies and treats!I find it hard going there because I want to buy lots of the things!
check out her blog you'll enJOY it! :)


  1. Just thought you would like to know you get a mention in my blog today :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. thanks for sharing Elise's blog - i've got to check out her etsy shop now!!


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