Friday, October 22, 2010

stamping, gluing and packing what I will be doing for the rest of the evening! Getting ready for the market tomorrow...putting magnets on backs of patterns, praying the rain will stop and watching No reservations...Hopefully I'll actually get to see more then just the part where she serves her niece a whole fish! I keep texting my mum to bring things for tomorrow! It should be fun hopefully it's a nice day!...remember come along if you are in Adelaide!And when my hands get sore I'll probably take a break to read my Frankie that arrived today! woohoo

... OK so I am scrapping the barrel tonight...blogtoberfest is taking it's toll on me it's pretty full on posting every day when you're not used to it...and the determination in me makes me want to be able to achieve it!


  1. oh i hope tomorrow goes well lauren!
    wish i could go but im flat out. i might have to take a peak at your etsy though!
    have fun

  2. Hope the day goes/went well for you! We're two thirds of the way through Blogtoberfest so I know you can do it. We just need to imagine that we're 'The Little Engine that Could' :-).


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