Tuesday, October 05, 2010

a package of care

My little sisters are not so little any more! They are in year 12 and are about to start with their final exams. I work at a high school part time as the youth worker and I really get annoyed when the students are told this is the most important year of your life...and the undercurrent I get is...if you stuff this year up well you can't be a lawyer or a doctor...well maybe that's OK! It puts too much pressure on the kids I think anyway!
So I got a spark of inspiration to encourage the little ladies with a care package...some items perhaps more serious then others!

There are slightly different items in both, because let's face it they are both really different people! It was lots of fun to find all these little things and put them together. And to write a word of encouragement! I didn't have to spend heaps of money either. The most expensive things would have been the vitamin C's! And let's face it they are worth it!

I've also been having a lot of fun going around to the blogtoberfest participants...I've managed about 30 this morning...it might take me a while to visit everyone! BUT it sure is fun!


  1. I remember doing this for my little sister (or maybe my cousin? or maybe both!) fun for the giver and the receiver I think!!

  2. What a great sister you are and what a fantastic care package you sent them!

    I agree that the pressure for graduation can be a bit too much - it's okay to take a little time between 'high school' before college as long as the time is used wisely to see more of the world. That type of experience can be just as helpful as taking classes =-)

  3. Thanks for stopping by this morning. I am yet to do the rounds and appreciate it when somebody new stops by to say "hi", so thanks!

    Great idea for the care package by the way :-)

  4. The care packages are an awesome idea! I totally agree that way too much pressure is put on students in year 12. It's not the end of the world if you don't get super high marks, there are plenty of career options out there!

    Also, i'm a total GG fan too. It's a definite guilty pleasure and the fourth season starts soon too- yay!

    btw I LOVE your blog name! (You can probably guess why!)

  5. What a really sweet big sister you are...so thoughtful. The exams are very stressful and a lot of pressure is put on these kids isn't it?

  6. Thats so beautiful Loz!! You are such a wonderful caring sister!!

    And as far as the pressure for year 12 goes - TOTALLY AGREE!!

    Love to you and your beautiful sisters!!


  7. Hey Lauren

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love the idea of the care package. Your sisters would have really appreciated them I'm sure. It's a tough year I agree both in terms of expectations by others and of themselves - crazy stuff!!! I'm glad our household is over that particular time of our life.

  8. What a fantastic idea.

    Good luck to your sisters. I got that same dribble when I was at highschool - and seriously where does it get you. The ones that did well and got into the top spots ended up so drained within there first year or so of uni and burt out - so sad to see.

    I have a friend who did not get into what she wanted and worked her bumb off at uni and swapped degrees while at Uni and now is a kicking Hourse vet and loving it. So if you want something - anything is possible.

    I also think that the GAP year is a great idea.

    Wish them well - they have lots of yummy treats in there to keep there brain active:)

  9. what a wonderful sister you are!!! you have inspired me to make a package up for my little sis, who is just finishing her last year of uni :) me and my husband are off to see her fashion show next month!


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