Friday, December 03, 2010

Goodbye England, Hello France!

So we have said farewell to Clare and Simon...and England for that matter, but before we did we couldn't help but visit the habadashery one more time for a delicious hot chocolate and brownie!
 or enjoy the charm of crouch end one last time!

 We left London and arrived in Paris and then got on a train to go half and hour outside of an enchanted place...a place I used to call Dizzy dad reminded me of that this morning when he sent us a message
 We went and had a quick look last night, got on a couple of rides, before going back today for more fun!
 there is this ride at Disneyland based on buzz light year...and it involves shooting's like a big video game really! I would love to say the score on the right is mine...Tim has a gift! AND they even take a photo while you are playing (like a lot of the other faster rides they usually get you when you are pooping yourself!) but the look on Tim's face in the photo was pure made me wheeze because I was laughing so hard!
 Tim and the caterpillar from Alice in wonderland just chewing the fat!

 This had nutella in the middle!! mmmm
It was a wonderful day of fun! It was a little stressful yesterday when we arrived. It is really hard being in a place where the language you know isn't spoke by everyone. I was in the supermarket and I had joined a line where you could only pay with card and the attendant started...almost yelling at me...ahh it freaked me out. But we feel a lot more confident now! Tomorrow more Disney fun! xx


  1. Disneyland with SNOW! I don't think it could be any more magical!

  2. Awww you guys look so in love in the last photo. What a magical beautiful xx keep warm and much love.

  3. WOW! I'm so used to Disneyland here in California that seeing your pictures of Disney France WITH SNOW are AMAZING!!! VERY magical, indeed =-)

  4. Clearly Timothy's years of video and computer game playing has paid off!


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