Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas friends! As it is almost done here in the north hemisphere we have experienced our first Christmas with snow (it did snow today!), our first Christmas just the two of us without any family around! And of course in a different country! We have both reflected that since December rolled round it didn't feel much like Christmas for us. We can't really put our finger on why but it has been different this year. Which in the end turned out well! We did start a tradition last year for having Christmas Eve just the two of us (we sort of did that by default this year! :) BUT having Christmas Eve nibbles...which didn't all agree with our stomachs but we felt ok this morning!

 We were able to call home and speak to our parents this morning which was really special. To be honest I was a little home sick. And talking with the folks gave me the little kick start I needed to enjoy the day! We went for a walk over the beautiful Charles bridge to a church that holds a statue of the baby Jesus. We rocked up at the right time about 20 minutes before the next service...that was going to be in English! So we stuck around!
 And then we found these ladies! HA well actually because of the wonders of facebook...and Clare (who is with it) let both Tiana and I know that we were both going to be in Prague at Christmas! We contacted each other and met up this afternoon and ended up having Christmas dinner together! That's her lovely sister Danae! Tiana and I went to high school together...we were trying to work out when we last saw each other, but couldn't remember! It was VERY cool to see her and hear how life is going for her and hear about her trip, and to meet her sister. And lovely to have some friends to share Christmas with!
And now we are enjoying a cup of tea and little nibble of chocolate. It has been a lovely day!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, that you got to spend it with someone special, eat some lovely food and reflect on what Christmas means to you.


  1. lovely photos. Happy holidays!xx


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