Saturday, December 11, 2010

And now for Belgium!

So after Paris, we headed to Belgium! It was a lot less stressful then France to start off with and the places we were going were a lot smaller and slower paced so it was a nice change. We travelled through Brussels on the way to Bruges and stopped there for lunch.
We didn't go the most direct route to the town square from the train station which was pretty uncomfortable because we had our packs on (we couldn't find any lockers at the train station)... but the good thing about that was that we walked past this beautiful painting and I got to take a photo! We eventually made it to the square where we enjoyed...
these oh yum so good! Hot chocolate, chips, for Tim a hot dog and for me waffles... they were a little disappointing... but that's ok. We also found another digital clock with the temperature... it read -3!!! lovely and warm!
We then made it to Bruge (as it is called by the locals!)
There were 3 separate Christmas markets all with lovely lights and yummy food to buy.
These were my second set of waffles for the day... better than the first but still the chocolate wasn't as good as I expected for being in Belgium! :) tee hee hee
Unfortunately this photo doesn't really give this stair case justice... it was SO steep! I balked every time I came to go down it! I was afraid I would fall backwards! It was silly!
We went to a chocolate Museum... it was really well done with a demonstration and taste test at the end! :) and this fantastic sculpture! It's hard to tell in this photo but that little angel is peeing chocolate! :0
We found a pizza hut...a dine in one! They are pretty rare in Australia these days!
some Bruge charm!
The lake is frozen for the winter!
We went on a lovely walk on our final night before dinner and found these lovely windmills... well Tim knew they were there before we set out but I was pretty much in my holiday haze!
and one last one of the winter wonderland.
We really enjoyed Belgium. It was slower paced then Paris and we really enjoyed the place we stayed at. We did have a little trouble finding it to begin with and with heavy bags that was making me grumpy, but we got there in the end. Breakfast was included with the room so that was a bonus. I have been enjoying the cereal here... everything is sugar coated! It's like they take the hassle out of putting sugar on for you! I did enjoy eating the chocolates in Bruge too I won't lie! The good thing is we are walking heaps each day so hopefully my jeans will still fit me when I get back home, not worry if they don't we won't be needing them for a while back home... although I just looked at the forecast back home and it's 21 today! Summer hey!
Later... or probably tomorrow tales and photos of Amsterdam
An apology for the spelling...I am using a Mac here at the Hostel and well I don't know how to change the word when the red squiggly lines come under it and sometimes my spelling isn't very good! !

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