Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bamberg Fun

 Bamberg started well for us with a DELICIOUS dinner at a Mexican restaurant. You know when you have been away from home for a sort of get sick of eating out. Your body craves steamed vegies! We had hit that point...but this meal totally restored our eating out capability!
 The next day we went walking around the city which is really pretty. And we came across this group of kids, I think they were on an excursion because we saw them earlier facing off with each other. Their teacher was quick on the scene telling them to drop the snow balls...Which were quite big but only a little way down the path it was snow ball fight time! :)
Just down from the snow ball fight we found this very cool mural 
 The mood was a bit tense this morning for some reason...tired I think and the weather was pretty average. But then Tim started throwing snow at me...and we made snow people! :) My hands were SO cold afterwards but it was so fun!
 The artist as work!
 our little snow can sort of see...mine was on the left and it has/had a cape!
 our little snow dog/sheep up to you! :)
 The magic and deliciousness that is the kinder chocolate crepe...that might have been my chocolate crepe that is...I have on good authority there is some darn good crepes in Prague!
 There were some cute shops in Bamberg, and this little horse...foot rest I think!? who knows it was so darn cute I wish I could have bought it and taken it home!
We had 2 really good dinners in Bamberg. The second night was at a cocktail bar just across the road from where we were staying. GREAT cocktails and the food was great too! VEGIES!!...and steak and a side of potatoes! But you know it's serious when you eat ALL the vegetables before touching anything else! 

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