Sunday, December 19, 2010

Munich, Narnia, Salzburg

 We made it to Munich safely, our train was a bit late due to the weather but we made it and thankfully the place we were staying at wasn't far from the train station! We ventured out to find dinner at a great beer hall and our waiter was a real champ. Tim enjoyed the beer and me the pretzels! I've noticed in Europe when a restaurant is really busy they'll seat you next to strangers...say if there is 2 people at a table for 4 they'll seat 2 couples next to each other...I thought the pretzels were for the people next to us but when they left they hadn't touched them! So we had one! YUM!!
It's been snowing a far bit in Munich!
We found our way back at the place we had dinner at...for Tim to enjoy...a ridiculously sized beer!
We visited Narnia at a cinema nearby that shows movies in English. We both really enjoy going to the movies and both really enjoyed the film, in 3D for 7.50 Euros! That's $10!! cheap as! When we left the cinema and walked back to our place...we saw this temperature!!
We then took a day trip to Salzburg in Austria! We took a tour and were shown around some sites where they filmed the Sound of Music, and where Mozart was born. It was all covered in snow but it was still delightful!
As part of the tour we had free time and so we got ourselves some lunch a drink and consulted the map!
We were also told about this place that makes this cake. When the guide was telling describing the cake it sounded a bit like a black forest cake but it wasn't. The recipe is a state secret! ha it was nice but not that amazing! :)
We enjoyed discovering Salzburg and looking around the Christmas markets. We travelled back to Munich and today we have come to Fussen, But I will tell you about that later!
And thank you for all the comments and that people were enjoying the travel log! Thanks, it's lovely!


  1. loving all of your travel updates loz! im a teensy bit jealous! looks like you're having an absolute ball!

  2. That cake looks like Sachertorte!!!!!

    Crazy amount of snow here yesterday. No buses able to come in or out of crouch end. Had to try and help cousin get to heathrow yesterday and it was over a 5 hour round trip! And it turned out her flight was cancelled anyway :(


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