Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The colours of Amsterdam

We have been and gone from Amsterdam! We stayed in a nice hostel called Cocomamma's which has only been open for a few weeks! It used to be a brothel! They have done it up nicely and we had a really nice double private room! and they had an awesome fridge! :)
 I realised the home of Miffy is Holland...I wish we had room to take this treasure home for Isabelle! :)
Tim said to me if I was a preachers son I could get a tattoo there! :)
 I haven't had a look at what this sight is about but I like the fact someone knitted this and put it on the pole!
 We had a great visit to the Van Gogh museum,and I learnt how to pronounce it the dutch way..I have also forgotten how to pronounce it properly! We also visited Anne Franks house when we were there. That was very interesting, and really sad too. It has inspired me to read the book when I get home.
 Amsterdam has some really cool graf around the place
                                                                And lovely Christmas lights
 Oh goodness and these waffles from the street fair...oh the white chocolate had sort of rice bubble/ rice crispies in it...DELICIOUS!!! I'll have to go on Rachel's diet when I get home!
 The flower market...lovely
 Some more street art!
 we stumbled across the red light district on our first night. It was really confronting! Prostitution is leglised in Holland. And in Amsterdam in the red light district there are a bunch of these windows and the ladies stand there waiting for customers. It was really interesting to talk to the hostel owner about it...to be honest being in the area felt a bit wrong...I wasn't sure where to look and it made me uncomfortable, it was eye opening...no pun intended! It was nice to see these swans and be able to focus on them.
 Searching for somewhere to have dinner!
 We enjoyed walking the streets of Amsterdam! There was lots to take in, and lots of bikes to look out for! That is something that Amsterdam inspired me to do is ride a bike more! 
We enjoyed the Christmas markets, and the weather was pretty mild, we were able to put our thermals away for a couple of days which was nice. We did get colds so we weren't feeling the best, but all in all a very enjoyable time!

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  1. Holland looks like a really awesome place...never really wanted to visit Amsterdam before but since my rellies come from Holland I really should make the effort. Very chic indeed. Hope your colds are going away! XX


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