Tuesday, November 30, 2010

it snowed this morning!

 Trying to take photos of snow while it falls is actually quite difficult...so photos of where it lays is good too!
 We walked to the local "greasy spoon" and didn't even slip once!
 Someone's right hand will be cold today :(
and we met this little guy yesterday at St James park, where people were feeding them nuts and the lake is starting to freeze over! We called in at the Queen's palace too but couldn't make her hear the bell! :)


  1. Glad you are having such a wonderful time. We are a simple train ride from Kings Cross, but I'm guessing you are going to be busy now. We are going into London on Thursday, but I think you are off to Europe then?

  2. Cool!!! Can you bring a squirrel home for me please????

  3. I think you are going to have no trouble at all meeting your daily click requirements!

    It looks beautiful - ALthough I would also like to see a picture of this 'greasy spoon'! x


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