Wednesday, December 15, 2010

to quote Lorelai...Snow is magical!

er excuse me miss you seem to have a dandruff problem! hahahaha! I last night it snowed in Koln while we are at the Christmas market...eating crepes with melted Kinder chocolate in the middle...oh my they are SO very good! Some people had snow all over their hoods or beanies some in their hair! It was great!
This was the view from our place last night. We got to walk home in the snow. Snow feels really cool to walk on when it is freshly makes a cool sound too when you step on it. And today Tim described it like walking on icing sugar!
This is the view tonight, all the snow on the road is gone but it is still quite thick in some areas. I like snow. I mean I don't have to drive in it and I haven't slipped...yet! And hopefully I'll get to make a snow angel too! It does catch you off guard though when it floats into your eye! 

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