Monday, December 20, 2010

It is a small world....seriously

We went and had a look at a castle today, a famous one. One that inspired the Disney Castle! Neuschwanstein Schloss. It has a very interesting history! We took the walk up the steep hill, Tim threw snow balls at me, I slipped on the snow!
I really enjoyed myself. We went on a tour and saw some of the finished rooms. From what I could understand from the guide, the construction of the castle lasted for 17 years (before Ludwig II death) and he only lived in it for 18 months...but Tim heard 6! Either way one of the rooms we saw, made for balls, and music playing was only finished 2 days after Ludwig's death. Very intriguing. 
Craziest thing that happened today, while we were walking up the hill to go on our tour...we saw these two! James and Steph two ex students from Concordia! HA Before we left home I wondered if we would see someone we knew! (there are a number of students on exchange in Germany from school, in areas we are visiting!) SO funny! A fun day! And tomorrow we are off to Bamberg!


  1. No matter where you go, you just can't escape the ol' CC - unbelievable! Awesome pics of the fairy-tale castle! Nik'll be jealous :) Keep having fun... Eugene.

  2. I know it's nuts isn't it!! You guys will have to add it to your list!!

  3. wow what an amazing trip your on! thanks for the comment over on my blog. im going to enjoy continuing looking through your travel posts : )
    have a great day x evie


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