Wednesday, June 02, 2010

five favourites...

Ikea frames...they are versatile...
I'm drinking my weight in hot drinks at the moment...mostly of the chocolate variety! 
winter =the need for moisteriser! This is my pick, body shop seaweed flavour...or type I mean!

Swaps! I have recently just completed an apron swap which was fun...and before that was a pincushion swap which was fantastic too...I have just come across this one tonight closing we'll see if I made it before the closing date!
This Ladys blog was pointed out to me by a friend a couple of weeks ago...she takes lovely photos...and has all her posts in sweedish and english!
Check out other favourites over here!

something that is not my favourite at the moment is my stinking laptop it won't do anything I want it to do..this post took like half an hour because it's such a disobediant twat!


  1. My five favourites today are...Muriel my sewing machine, my garden - vegetables and flowers (does that count for two?) ;-), my 'new' hand beater/whisk, green tea and melon.


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