Monday, May 31, 2010

the great apron swap of 2010~

photos by Mr T
Well I posted my apron off last week and today when I checked the mail! Looky here an apron for me! Clever Lorraine has made a reversable apron for me! One side with a cute pocket the other side without! It's wonderful! Thank you so much Lorraine! And thank you to Sarah who organised the swap to begin with! A fun idea and great to be involved! Thank you!

Here is the little apron I sent Lorraine!
It was fun to make...I started over a couple of times and it did stretch my sewing ability but I had fun all the same! Have you ever made an apron? If you did how did it go!?


  1. Lovely new aprons and you can't beat a double sided apron. Lorraine has used such pretty fabrics too. Well done ladies on a wonderful swap.

  2. Glad it arrived safely! Looks great with your dark hair as well.


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