Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flea Market finds...

There is a cute little Rotary Op shop I go past at least 3 times a week...BUT it closes at 3.30pm and I am always walking past after that time! So I was really happy when I had most of Thursday off, I found myself walking past the Rotary Op shop after going to the around 10.30am...and looky here it was open! Oh Joy oh Rapture I was thrilled...I was even more thrilled when I found this beautiful tea cup!..yes I know what you are thinking...NOT another tea cup Lauren!
Isn't the edge just lovely! AND what was even better was the ladies who were working there decided to give me a discount because they thought the edge should have had gold one the handle (she used a special word but I can't remember it now!) so that was a bit of a win! There were about 5 or 6 other pretty tea cups siting pretty but I didn't have that much money! I also found a skirt BUT when I got it home realised the zip is cactus...I may have to try and fix it's a shame because there was a jar full of zips at the op shop too!

Mr T and I went opping yesterday in search for a coffee table, but had no luck, there were a couple at a few of the salvos we went to. I was however a bit sad to find out the golden triangle is no longer a triangle...there are only 2 golden op shops in that area now...not 3! :) BUT gosh the Salvos there did make up for the missing vinnies...there were SO many Enid Blyton books, someone must have had a clean out, and there is always lots of bric a brac there!

What thrifty goodness have you found this week? Head over to Sophies place and check out all the lovely flea market finds!


  1. wow - that tea cup is gorgeous!
    The rim is very unusual - really pretty!

  2. very alice-in-wonderland to me... :))

  3. the tea cup and saucer are so pretty and beautiful. i love thefeeling of finding just what you want.
    My Flea Market Find

  4. A girl can never have too many teapcups! I have a cupboard full, on standby for my next teaparty! Yours is very pretty, lucky you xo

  5. Gorgeous indeed! I collect porcelain tea-cups so very envious of your prefect find.

  6. was the term gilded?
    it is a very lovely cup.. whats the make?

    my latest second hand purchase was a china cabinet!!! most of my cups are in australia though so i think it is an excuse for me to start stocking up over here!

  7. yes it was gilded...your amazing Clare! :)

  8. Beautiful, I ♥ Enid Blyton books too!

  9. Lauren what a lovely blog you have AND you love op shopping woo hoo. I think your little tea cup find is awesome. It's so lovely to meet you.


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