Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today I have...

...Dreamt of overseas trips...and tried to decide when to ask for extended leave from work...some with pay some without
I have snuggled on the couch and watched this movie with Mr T...I really enjoyed it! There were a few giggle moments, actually more than a few!
I snuggled again underneath the doona and knitted...and watched a few more Gilmore Girl episodes...I can thank Janelle for getting me hooked again! :)
I also took my camera to get some photos developed for our daily click photo project...AND took a film in! I haven't got a film printed in ages, I found the film one the shelf the other day when I was cleaning up. The lady at the store was so nice, they have a policy you pay first, but she offered to wait until it was processed to see if there were photos still on it! I thought that was really sweet!

I also had a good chat with my sister in law, decided to stop reading a book because it was making me act crazy (I have realised I am very easily influenced by the things I read and watch!), saw a friend in the street with her new baby and her cute daughter, ate lots of treats and then ate lots of dinner too...AND above all had a very good talk with my handsome Mr T! I hope you have had a wonderful Saturday too...what did you get up to?


  1. mmmm travel! i miss it so much! yours will be wonderful :)
    ps. where is that rotary shop you mentioned a few posts back???

  2.'s on Unley Road! they close at 3.30 on weekdays! xx


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