Saturday, June 12, 2010

the envelope project

Pip is a very inspiring lady. She is crafty and I get the feeling she likes others to get into the craft too! One day I would like to meet this wonderful woman, but for now I'm just going to join in with her fun ideas! She has started an envelope are some details...
Send us : A decorated envelope with a few cute little papery or crafty things inside it.  The envelope can be a regular business sized one, or bigger if you like. The things inside should not be expensive.  Recycled or handmade or just extra things you have, which you think someone else might like, would be good.  Make sure you keep your postage cheap, so don't be all extravagant.  Just be cute.  

You might send : photos, pages from magazines, ribbon, swap cards, vintage patterns, notes, shopping lists,  little (lightweight!) zines, sweet wrappers, stickers, really... anything small, light and interesting would be ace. You can show us what you are sending on your own blog : or you can keep it a secret!  It is up to you!

Important : put your return address on the back of the envelope

What we will do : we will display all the cute envelopes in our window.  And we will take all the things out of them and take a photo of what we receive each day.  We will upload that daily image to Flickr. We will keep the project going for six weeks.  At the end of that period we will draw one random envelope : and send that person ALL THE THINGS we received in the mail!  Every single thing.  Sent to that person! Holy aceness!   Hurrah!  No matter where you are in the world!  If you join in, you could win!  This is open to kids and grown ups too.  We like to be inclusive!

So heck I'm going to join in! And you should too! go and have a look at her blog to sign up!

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