Thursday, June 17, 2010

my place or yours...treasures!

arrgh me hearties I have some treasures to show ye!ok enough with the pirate... it's late! Danielle over at helloowl is playing my place or yours again this week and wants to know what our treasures are! I've been slack waiting til Thursday and now it looks like I totally copied my sister in law, but seriously it's what I treasure most! My family! Even though they can drive me nuts at times, and I'm sure I drive them nuts too...they always have my back, they lend me their cars when I need to get to work and T needs the car,  they give me a shoulder to snot on, they make me laugh so hard I make the laugh cry face, they ask to borrow stuff and then don't give it back for so long I forget I owned the item...(OK so that is a bit specific to the mcnick girls!!!)
my handsome 
my McNik sisters
my Spilsbury sisters
the Spilsbury clan!
the ones that gave me life!
This cutie pa toutie....but I let you know that already here...
I also treasure sleep ins, days off, massages, my friends (that i don't always get to see much because we don't all live in the same state...or country...I treasure you ALOT more than you know!)
It's nice to think about the things you treasure...go and have a look at who else is at Helloowl this week playing along!


  1. Oh your treasures are totally gorgeous ;-) Thank YOU for visiting, see you next week ;-)

  2. I love family shots. And I still can't get over the gorgeousness of your wedding dress. Wish I'd had a sense of my own style when I got married... I was such a bog-standard-looking bride.


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