Saturday, June 26, 2010

You, Us....and a Bus- Flea market finds

Oh My! What a day! My friend Penny me told me about these OP shop tours these two ladies in Adelaide are doing! They charter a bus, you pay some money and they take you around to (depending on how long the tour is) a bunch of OP shops. Usually they have organised with the store beforehand a discount for whatever you buy in their store! It was A LOT of fun! I went to 4 OP shops I had never been to and one I had....AND I actually did pretty well out of it too! :)
I finally found a coffee table! Mr T gave me strict instructions to hold off going straight to the bric a brac and go to the furniture section! :) Well I probably didn't go STRAIGHT to the furniture section but hey I still found this little baby...perfect size for our little lounge..AND a STEAL at $15.50! I was stoked....and when MR T saw it he was pretty impressed too! It's a little damaged on the top but it's lovely solid wood and will serve us very well! I also managed to find a lovely jug and cute scarf.
This beautiful rug...just  begging to come home with me!
I really wish I had a manaquin to give this top justice, it's a pretty full on colour but I was really drawn to it, it is a really nice cut...whether I ever feel bold enough to wear it I'm not sure but I got it anyway!
This was the first beauty I picked up and I am really glad I got it! I have a similier jacket in light blue...and I really liked the pocket and arm detail!
I picked up another little knitted top and a skirt, so all in all a very successful day! I almost had to take a breathe when we first started because I was just so excited! It was so awesome being driven around to NEW OP shops and being with friends who were finding gems left right and centre too! They hold tour's every month so if you are in Adelaide and interested let me know. It's a good way to find some new haunts! 
For more treasures head over to Sophies where I am sure you'll find something to drool over!


  1. What a neat idea! Looks like you had a rather successful time. :-)

  2. What a great idea and it looks like you had a fab day with some super finds.

  3. i've always wanted to go on one of those might have to just do it after seeing your lovely finds. love that scarf i'm a sucker for spots and that table looks like its a great length and a bargain to boot : )

  4. Excellent finds - I've never done one of those tours - sounds like fun though!


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