Sunday, June 06, 2010

flee market finds

Oh I have been rather sad to have missed out on sharing my finds for the past few weeks...that's because I haven't had any...NO TIME FOR OP SHOPPING!!! it's a terrible case of affairs! Well this week the Op shop came to me! Yes the school I work at the year 10's have to do a personal project for the IB (International Baccalaureate Middle years program) One of the year 10 girls chose to collect clothes and have a sale and the money raised donate it to the Haiti relief! What an awesome idea! Yes so she set up shop in one of rooms at school! And I scored two lovely skirts!
both A line...everything was sold by donation! Both need a little altering but all the same it was lots of fun to browse the isles during lunch!
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  1. good finds ... i've never had an oppie come to me but i'd like that.
    My Flea Market Find


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