Wednesday, June 23, 2010

almost done!

So I have been going swap crazy lately! First it started with pincushions....then postcards! Unfortunately I have left it to the last minute and life got crazy!
Sister Jek joined too and had an AWESOME idea...the theme was time...and she went with...Time for Tea! :) Because I was leaving it a bit late...I was almost going to do the same...BUT then I got my swap partner and she is from America...and so they are in...SUMMER TIME!! :)
Hopefully this will be done by tomorrow to post off Friday to make it's way to the states! Fingers crossed...But for now it's BED TIME!!!

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  1. OOOOH! the post card is looking VERY promising! i can't wait to see it in my mail box now!! =-)

    sorry if i shouldn't have peeked but i was curious to see your blog =-)!


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