Sunday, November 22, 2009

my place or yours? collections

When I saw that this weeks theme was collections I was stumped to begin with...but then as I was pottering around home I realised I have quite a few!! :0 two are collections by default because i just own a lot but the other two are because I got a little bit crazed about them! here is what the theme queen Kate asked (she is from Fox 's lane check out her blog!)
I want to see a photo or photos of what it is that you collect.
Then if you feel like it you could let us know what your collection rules are;
Does it have to be green? Does it have to be from another country? Does it have to be second hand or a gift? Does it have to be old or complete?...
What constitutes a collection for you? Is it more than three of the same thing? Is it rare things?
Is your collection ongoing or is it complete?
...what's your story?
Here are some of mine!
These cups are a portion of my tea cup collection. I used to hate going into antique stores with my mum...I used to find it so boring now I love it because I can look at all the pretty china! I have even found some really nice trio sets in op shops...and they are more in my price range!
BADGES!!! Even before I bought my badge maker I had a fascination with badges I love to wear a badge to brighten a shirt! One I have says "Let's knit!" another says "I'm you in disguise!" here is a little sample of my collection
I love I buy a lot of it...enough said!
I love watching and re watching DVD's! and looky there is even a bit of a collection of soft toys under a part of our collection (the DVD collection is spread over 2 book cases...). To answer the question is the collection ongoing or complete...I say they are probably all ongoing!

Some other collections I had as a child was a marble collection. Each year the school would have a time where people just went crazy for marbles!! ha and this is possibly the weirdest collection I ever had...a pencil lead collection, when I broke a pencil I kept the lead and put it in a jar...when it was full it did look very pretty with all the colours!
go past to check out others playing along!


  1. Oh a tea cup girl too, I see! Nice...

  2. Gorgeous collections ... I adore the lead pencil one ... love to see that ... isn't this fun?

  3. pencil leads - youre so cute Loz!!

    love sez

  4. So many teacup collectors - I think they remind of us relaxing times at grandmas , I love the artwork on them , so pretty.
    And I see some little care bears too - I loved my care bears and my daughters have some too.

  5. I cannot belive you were stumped when you read my theme. You are totally a collector like it or not. Love them all and am totally jealous that you have a badge maker. And I'd love a look at your broken pencil bits.

  6. Oop, i am logged into my other blog and cannot be bothered loging out and back in again but its me Kate from Foxs lane. X



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