Saturday, March 06, 2010

treasure trove

A couple of weeks ago I got to thinking about some old books I had when I was younger! The ones in particular were the Mallory towers series by Enid Blyton and some other titles by her.

When I was at mum and dad's on Monday for dinner I asked mum if she had seen them. She said she hadn't but there were a couple of boxes of mine in the bunker (the outside room). Sure enough when I opened one of the boxes I found the books I had been thinking of! AND I found this book too! Possibly my favourite book when I was in Primary school I read it and re read and re read! and I thought it was gone! But it was found!
In those boxes there was also my little ponies, Polly pockets, some of my clothes when I was a little Lauren, My baptismal dress, shoes, and some ballet costumes! It was fun looking through them and Mum couldn't get rid of the boxes fast enough! Mr T wasn't very impressed with me bringing MORE stuff into the house!


  1. You hit GOLD!!!! what awesome stuff to find and reclaim. Maybe we'll see some shots of it all on Our Daily Click?

  2. Smile. Some of my favourite childhood books there


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