Monday, March 01, 2010


and so it begins Bec before her first ever music festival...Dave looks less than impressed and you can tell I am getting old because I wear a broad brimmed hat...that isn't a sombrero!
Jimmy Eat World are INCREDIBLE!!! it was the second time I got to see them live and it was just great, every time i listen to them I wonder why don't I listen to these guys more! they just have a great sound! And they were so good I almost missed...THE ALMOST!!! but I didn't! I did catch their final couple of songs and they were GREAT!
I also got to see HIM, for the second time, I knew almost every song and it was great. I think I over listened to them a few years ago and so took a break. Which was the best thing because their songs sounded fresh again and I really enjoyed it!
Placebo are a band I have wanted to see for about 10 years, Saturday I finally saw them, and it was s worth it! They played my two favourite songs of theirs as well as many other excellent tracks. I also saw Paramore (they were so good I neglected to see Reel Big Fish...but I have seen them 3 or 4 times so I wasn't too sad about it and Paramore were so great!), I saw the Get Up Kids, Anti-Flag (FANTASTIC so much energy), AFI (excellent also) and Alexisonfire...who were probably the most disappointing for the day!

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