Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my place or yours?...PINK!!!!

I'm a couple of days late BUT heck I am going to play anyway!
My place or yours is back for another week...and this weeks theme is...PINK!!! I thought I wouldn't find any BUT I thought about it for a couple of days and discovered these pink thinks around the house!
a pretty headscarf...probably etching on the side of purple...BUT....
tooth brush...and t-shirt
and a cute coat hanger Mr T's Nanna made for me just before our wedding!
To check out more PINK things and to play along head over to helloowl!


  1. That scarf is gorgeous!!! I forgot my toothbrush! It's pink like yours.

  2. amazing that you find pink when you start to look. i love it but didn't know i had THAT much of it.the scarf is gorgeous and so is the hanger just quietly

  3. LOVE that shirt!!

    sez xo

    hey todays verification word is ingio - kinda reminds me of princess bride!!


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