Monday, March 01, 2010

5 things

Dave, Bec and Jek at Soundwave on Saturday...Bec's first festival!

I found this over here and thought I would play!
5 things I am looking forward to:
My birthday, A proper day off, eating chocolate, lunch, seeing alice in wonderland

5 things I did yesterday
drove to longwood, hung out with young people, went to church, had an afternoon nap, ate rose garden...thai! YUM

5 things i wish I could do
say NO, keep the house tidy, crochet, spend more time with my sisters, eat chocolate!

5 places i'd like to travel to
spain, germany, UK, belguim, prague

5 cute things i've found...or been shown on line lately
little pigs eating cake here, crafty ideas for old desk draws here, pretty wall features and crocheted rugs here, friends and their cleverness here, and fun meme's here.

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