Saturday, March 20, 2010


To celebrate my birthday (that happened earlier in the week) I decided to have a craftanoon...and afternoon tea to celebrate. 
Some pretty roses, orchids and delicious treats to enjoy
there was badge making...
Meghan was quilting with gorgeous material!

Fiona bought the most craft things with her... beads, sewing machine, stuff to make cushion covers, card making stuff...She was probably the most productive! :)

and there were magazines for inspiration!

It was wonderful to have great friends around to play and have fun! I didn't get much craft done but I have an excellent time! Happy Weekend to you all! x


  1. Looks like such a wonderful time! Glad you could celebrate your life like this. Cute bunting too - did you make it?

  2. My friend sarah made it for our wedding! we had it up in the reception room...and it is usually up in our room but i thought i'd bring it out...i think it might stay there too! i like it there!

  3. What a lovely spend time with friends doing something creative together. xxNick

  4. What a great birthday party! I would much rather that than going out or a bbq!
    I think I will be going along to Brown Owls Mitchem tomorrow!


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