Monday, March 15, 2010

26 secrets...from a 26 year old

when i watch an awards ceremony like the acadamy awards, the arias, logies etc i have an imaginary speech i if it were me winning the award.

i want to be in a movie...just one

the texture of tissues sort of freaks me out

I wish i was left handed

If we have daughters one day I want to call them Josie and Caylin

Tim and I have very different tastes in pretty much everything...including children's names! :)

I think people should automatically get the day off when it's their birthday so they can do some of their favourite things!

I have a tampon phobia

I'm not very good at trying new foods or drinks

The first hot chocolate I drank was when i was in year i can't get enough of them!

fake people really get on my nerves

I'm not very good at saying no

I had a lot of crushes when I was in school!

I want to travel to Dusseldorf...Ich Fahre nach Dusseldorf!

I'm loyal

 I'd love to work part time

I'd really like to be a tattoo artist

but i lack the ability to draw REALLY well!

I'd like to be a drummer in a band

Injustice makes my blood boil

so does physical violence of any kind towards anyone

when i was younger  i wanted to be a hairdresser

then a mechanic

but i actually don't give a stuff about cars!

I chose my uni degree by flipping through the pages a couple of weeks before the application was due

I have an amazing family...but that's no secret

Inspired by little suitcase and elise do you like the new header, made by this talented girly...I've just recently worked downloaded a new format of blogger and I'm still trying to work it out! pardon me while I get up to scratch!


  1. Happy birthday! and welcome to the 'New' blogger! hehe!

    Your new header is great! Now we just have to sort it out so it's the right size.... but you're doing well.

    Today I blogged for you - twice!

    (my word verification for this comment is 'sequins' a nice sparkly word for your b'day!)

  2. Happy birthday! Great post. Thanks heaps for joining in with the pin cushion swaperama!

  3. Loz this is like my most favourite blog post EVER!! LOVE IT!! youre so cute!! Love you!


  4. header looks awesome! do you need me resize it though?


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