Monday, November 30, 2009

my place or yours? it's nice it's different it's unusual!

I've read a lot of the other posts from people playing along this week with this theme...a lot of people at first found it hard...ME included! So I took a little time...what's noyce, what's different what's unsweseal? We live in an aging's got some funky looking (and I don't mean the good funky) cupboards in the back to the 60's. It used to sleep 4 young ladies in each apartment in the early years. These ladies were studying to be teachers, in the Lutheran School system....and then last night while I was sitting on the couch I saw this!
It's actually pretty similar to the theme queen herself. I mean you could actually plug something into this power point but it's on the roof! Perhaps fairy lights for the balcony. Tim reckons that there was an air conditioner there once and that this was it's power point...that may explain the reset button? anyway this is what I came up with! Thank you Tina for the outside the box theme this week. (check out Tina's blog at )



    check me out here...hopefully i'll be more disciplined now ..

    love you...and LOVING YOUR pretty

  2. Very strange place to put a power point. Definitely unusual!!


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