Saturday, November 21, 2009

let's have a craft-a-noon...or night

Last night I had the chance to hang out with my sisters and my mum...ON A FRIDAY night! I don't usually get this chance because i usually have youth. We had the night off and so we took the opportunity to make some Christmas cards.
With cup of teas and chai's beside us we stamped, cut and glued cards to send to loved ones. We all had some different ideas and inspired each other.
Courtney concentrating hard
Mumma and Jek placing the final touches
Bec giving into the crafty goodness and joining in with us. She wasn't totally into it to begin with...she was watching the Hannah Montanna movie when i arrived! We also enjoyed some tasty berry and chocolate muffins that Jek made. YUMMO. We got a few cards made, but mostly it was good to chat and spend time with each other!

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  1. Some good looking cards there Loz! We make a point of having a craft day every time I'm in Bris and we're all together. Nothing like sister love!


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