Tuesday, November 03, 2009

57 days til christmas

I've been getting excited about Christmas! quite a few weeks ago Tim's older sister emailed around saying here's some ideas for Christmas presents for me can everyone send around some ideas so we get you something special that you really want. so that got me thinking about buying those things. On my side of the family we are doing Secret Santa. one person each. I got possibly the easiest person in my family and have been having lots of fun buying small things every week to add to everyone's presents. here's a sneak peak...
I bought a badge maker a couple of months ago and have been having LOTS of fun making badges and so of course...EVERYONE is getting badges this Christmas...however, a lot of them are pretty girly, so Tim helped me come up with these more manly badges for him, father and father in law and brothers in law!
I've also been inspired by lovely crafty blogs i have been reading lately. One lady has taken a pledge for a whole year to buy only hand made or second hand things for her home, and then read that another lady is taking this pledge for Christmas so everything she gives will be handmade, by her or someone else! I really liked that idea, so i am making steps to do that this Christmas...it's hard for the men...but it's easy to make pretty things for the girls or find pretty things by talents crafters!


  1. ooooo I see a bit of Belle & Boo!! And twloha!! Someone is going to love love love those gifts! They look like so much fun! :)


  2. you are so organised! I agree with Sez - someone is going to love their gifts t his year!

    I've been getting excited about a few handmade things too and definitely agree that hand made for the men is way harder. Enjoy the preparation. x


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