Tuesday, December 01, 2009

oh tananbaum

This Christmas will be the first one that Tim and I are together for the entire day! Actually It'll be the first time we will be in the same state together for the entire day! Very exciting! We purchased our first Christmas tree on the weekend and chose some baubles each! It was pretty fun in the end...even though we have different taste on EVERYTHING!! but it came together and now we have a very handsome tree sitting in our living room! now just to have some presents nestled underneath will top it all off! Happy December everyone!


  1. so cute! WE got ours up before coming to horsham but were so crazy busy getting ready I didn't get to take pictures... I'm sure there will be some soon!

    How fun is it making two styles merge...?!!

  2. Very cute! I like how Tim loves to be so involved with all the decisions. X


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