Thursday, November 19, 2009

...look what i found clare!

I learnt German in school from grade 5 to grade 12....that is a lot of eins, zwei, drei! Anyway in year 11 or 12 I can't specifically remember, but my group of friends and I made shirts and made different patches and things to put on them. This was one we didn't make it to the final shirt but i have just found it in my spare room! Mich hat ein pferd gebissen...which means...I have been bitten by a horse! :)


  1. Funny! The only full sentence I remember in German (and forgive me for all the inaccuracies..):

    Keinen zehn Pferd bringen mich dort hin....

    Or something like that! It basically means: Wild horses wont drag/bring me there!

    I thought it would be a good one to know incase a german person tried to take me somewhere...?!!

  2. hehehehehehe AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  3. arh! this is clare! wrong account

  4. glad you saw it! i figured Si was you clare!
    I'm so glad that your german phrase included horses as well Rachel! heheheh


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