Friday, November 20, 2009's worth it moments

In my job I work with teenagers. Working with teenagers can be either really frustrating or really rewarding. Today I had one of those moments when I was like.."oh shucks". I have been visiting a year 11 class all year, first part of the year was peer support and then the second half of the year turned to studies of religion, the class changed a bit with the students who were in it, but many were the same from the first semester. This semester they have been tackling post modernism and ethical issues. It has been a really interesting class to sit in on and hear what the students have to say. Today was their last lesson before their exams next week and I had been held up in my office talking to another student...when one of the boys from that class came in and said you should come up to our class we're watching a movie and chilling. I didn't get to the class but just before recess three boys came and found me and said "Lauren thank you for coming into our class each week, we've appreciated your input and hanging out with you"...something along those lines.

and they handed me a box of chocolates! it was delightful and then they proceed to all give me a hug! this is a moment when you go..ahh yeah my job is pretty great! and then it made sense what the other guy had should come up to class Lauren! they are total gems!


  1. Awww! So special! I always felt God gave me those moments just when I was about to throw it all in to remind me that even though they might seem to be oblivious to anything you do they are actually right there with you ...mostly! Your persistence and constancy is a blessing! x

  2. that gave me goosebumps! How special!! Gods hand is mighty and so loving!!

    Love Sez


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