Monday, October 30, 2006

last night after being at church for 12 hours i got home...planned to have a shower and go to bed immediately.

well that all went out the window when i got home and the ARIAS were on. midnight oil were inducted into the hall of fame, silverchair performed and clare bowditch won best female. which was cool because she is amazing...i've been looking at reports of the night and the thing i keep reading about her is that she was little known, which is sort of annoying...hopefully she wont be after last night.

midnight oil...all i have to say is what a bunch of leg's they know where it is at.

after all that i went to bed to late and now i am very i'm wolfing down the wizz fizz that a student gave me earlier!

adios and good day to you!


  1. I think that Clare Bowditch is great too! Yay for her.

  2. Hi Loz... have worked out how to fix your banner...let me know when's good and i'll do it for you.

    hope the housing situation is going ok.



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