Thursday, October 26, 2006

social work

it's been almost a year since i completed my social work degree. i haven't had a real social work job since then. i was starting to get desperate and wanting to work as a social worker more then ever.

last night i got a glimpse of hope. i'll back pedal a little bit to explain how i got to meet helen last night.

dad met diane (another social worker) earlier this year and she said for me to email her my resume. i did and she forwarded it on to her manager. didn't hear anything for a while and she said not to be concerned by that because the department is a slow process her manager ended up emailing my resume to another helen and that's who i met last night.

she told me about a lot of jobs that are just about to hit the press...unfortunately most are more then part time which makes it difficult with the youth work job!anyway she told me about a part time job in waikerie at a community centre and it just sounds like an amazing job. grass roots community development working side by side with people that need it. i'm calling a lady today.


  1. Nice work! By the way, isn't 'grass roots' such a good term? I'm glad to see that someone other than my Mum uses it.

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  3. Hi! (sorry about the deleted post! went a bit mental and only wrote half the words for each sentence and posted it before proofing it! It barely made sense! Lesson learnt!)

    So - make sure you get in as many hot chocolates at the Bean as you can before you leave - if you do. Good luck my friend!


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