Thursday, October 12, 2006

the space vortex

i've been helping out at carclew the last 2 days and the theme of the artworkshops so far have been space. yesterday there were a couple of delightful boys in the group when were were doing painting. one who wished to be called sonic or shadow because they are characters from a game that he really likes. he was drawing a space vortex on his he was cool! we were discussing what was in the rings around saturn...apparently it's dust, dirt, ice and metors...yes you learn or relearn something new every day!

and today i learned that there is an equivelent to reverse garbage here in adelaide called "it's not garbage" so i look forward to going there and having alook. might have to wait until di is here so she can come with me!

today has been stinking hot here

that is all...

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  1. Yay! Anna's been telling me about it too, so a little look-see un-garbage visit is a MUST! That, and something chocolatey. Huzzah! xxx


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