Wednesday, November 01, 2006

5 years

it's 5 years since i finished high school. i got thinking about this because yesterday was the year 12's last day at Concordia. they had an assembly and they did a fantastic job, i laughed...A LOT!!! they had prepared skits of their time at concorida and there was a bit of fun and immitation of the teachers. Then last night we had a really nice dinner for them and had some speeches. there were a few teary eyed people and it was a lovely celebration. there was a lot of talk about change and that this is a time in the lives of the students who are leaving that they will experience a lot of change. i know this year has been a year of change and challenge for me...but i think i am stronger for it. but the last 4 years have been changing years too. i left home, moved from the town i was living in and went to uni and studied. made new friends, lost touch with others. it's interesting to look back and contemplate it.

mmm yes

on a less philosophical mate situation might be sorting itself out! which is very exciting!


  1. when im labouring its pretty boring and many a time the same kinda things pop into my head. Although it's only been 3 years since i was at school!

    congrats for the netball win!

    all best with house mate!



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