Monday, October 16, 2006


procrastinating...a few simple ideas

1. CLEAN dishes, bathroom, bedrooms, toilets
2. eat...pretty self explanitary
3. check your email
4. write emails
5. pretend you are looking up books for your assignment when really you are writing emails
6. write a blog message
7. watch a movie

these are a few simple ideas. today i have accomplished... 1-6 and i technically didn't do 7 but i watched a couple of episodes of felicity...mmmm

yes it's that time again in the uni year where assignments are due. I'm currently doing one subject and even now i am assignment to go...i mean 1 of 2 that is for the whole semester! mmm i definately got out of studying pretty quickly!

on another dad is the greatest! he changed my oil in my car on the weekend and he was concerned there was a leak and so he let me borrow his astra to go to the hills...which i didn't protest cause it goes really fast and has a cd player in it...alice (my car) has radio...the fm does work which is really good! and then when i got back yesterday to give him his car back...he'd washed alice, put a new indicator light in, got me a fuel cap with a lock on it (mine was an emergency one only) and then when i asked how much i owed him he said..."nah it's a gift". what a champ.

i went to a stand up gig last night. a fundraiser for make poverty history. meagan and i got there when the last band was starting so i missed the sun dance kids yet again...i hope i see them soon. i need to see what the fuss is about. i got an ep of theirs and the music is great, it would be nice to see them live though. it was a fun night. met some new people, saw some lutherans and got to bed late. and then got woken up early with brad and nathan leaving (mates from qld that have been here all for a week). they gave me a vegetarian cookbook to say thanks for having was really sweet...i can't wait to use a recipe from it!

yeah so i think i've successfully sucked some minutes away...better get back to the task at hand...baptism...should we baptise kids, what's wrong with believers baptism and when should we refuse baptism...mmmm

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  1. Classic procrastinating strategies! Thanks for the tip.


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