Tuesday, October 17, 2006

back to school

back to school today...i really can't fathom that it is the 4th term already. it's been a cool day. got to sing in chapel. wade in the water, give me oil in my lamp and lord i lift your name on high...which i struggled with cause it's quite high and becomes hard to sing after a while. got to film a "councelling session" for the year 12 video. it was quite funny. if posting photos and video footage ever worked for me i'd post it but alas poor yorik it doesn't. a couple of the students were having a bit of a dig about how they haven't got their year 12 jumpers yet...and it's coming into summer so they'll be really handy...mmm sarcasm

i think it's 37 sleeps til jek gets to adelaide and she'll be here for a whole month...woohooo

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  1. back to school. back to school. Billies going back to school. It is nice to have work to do though right?!!



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