Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the little boy is all grown up!

it's adam's birthday today. the champ is turning 21 and we are celebrating tonight with a nice dinner and he bought a car and gets it today...i want to buy him some icecream a whole tub infact and help him eat it! cheers to adam!

went to the doctor today..the consultation was going to cost $70 and the doctor bulk billed it and i didn't have to pay a cent so i thanked God for him...and then spent over $30 on the perscriptions he gave me!

the trail at choclate bean went well...i think i'll hear back from them on thursday! fingers crossed

i'm finding this more and more frustrating...i can't seem to post multiple photos on at a time...and it's giving me the irrates...grrr

loz x

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