Saturday, October 14, 2006

can i help you?

sweet so i had another trial at the chocolate bean cafe today and it went pretty well! so well infact i have a shift next saturday night so i am STOKED!woohoo for me. the milk is going to be my nemesis BUT i think i'll get there with that. the girls i was working with today were so nice and patient with me and i had a fun time.

taste of chaos...well i could go on and on about this one! Underoath: favourite hands down closely followed by anti flag. and there was a really fun local all girls band, i think their name is blow up betty. really good old school punk and they rocked basically. i need to check out if they are playing any gigs locally because i would really like to see them again. taking back sunday were a big disapointment and well it wasn't exactly enjoyable with the drunk girl next to me. frankly i wanted to punch her in the face but i didn't. back to underoath though...they just played really well and man they were tight. just before they played their last song they made a tribute to Jesus Christ. they said they wouldn't be able to do what they were doing without him and that the band wasn't just the band members but Jesus on their sidetoo. It was SO COOL. i was moved to buy a tshirt. which made me poor but i have a new job now so it's all good!

BIG DAY OUT well i bought a ticket for adelaide and mum and dad got me one for gold coast...YESSSSS oh yes it's going to be a good summer...

so i am going to try and attach some photos so hopefully this time it will work!

loz x


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