Sunday, October 08, 2006

what a week!

hey hey!
it's been a while i am falling down in this blog already! ok so i just spent an amazing week at Christian Life Week. God was pretty busy this week. there was lots of fun and friendships made. people busting rhymes and beatboxing. I had the opportunity to meet some amazing young people and be involved in their spiritual journey. KUDOS to all of you. I did end up with a nasty cough and well it might stick around i hope it doesn't.

other cool news i have i trial at the chocolate bean tomorrow afternoon at 3pm. it's a cute chocolate cafe in union street which runs through grenfell and rundle streets in adelaide city! so i am pretty stoked about it.there are apparently alot of people trialing so whether or not actually get it is another thing! but i am excited at the prospect! and for you that know my love and passion for chocolate it's exciting!

two of my special mates from brisbane are in adelaide this weekend. Chey and Jooolie. Chey goes back tonight and i saw him for a about an hour on friday night at his mum's art opening. (it's in the gallery til the 15th october 23 Rosa Street Goodwood, if you have time between now and then check it out if you are in adelaide, SHE IS AMAZING!) anyway i was feeling particularly feral but geez it was rad to see chey again. he is such a champ and i really miss seeing him. so it was nice to briefly exchange information about how ours lives are going! i saw julie yesterday. sat on trav's couch for a few hours, while she recovered from the night before and me from being sick. you know you are sick when you walk up stairs and you are gasping for breath! i get to see her again tonight which is cool!

i had a bit of an apifany....mmm not sure on the spelling and i don't have a dictionary to check...tom asked me on camp if i am afraid sometimes of being the real loz...and i do and he told me not that was not very articulate...i'll try again another day...i'm going to try and upload some pictures from camp...not sure how it will work..but if it does ENJOY

and good day to you.
loz x

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  1. Checking out your blog! You are prolific! It is fun though isn't it?!
    blog you later!


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